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From Me to you

Hey, thanks for hanging out, it's great to connect with you! You can check out my formalities at the bottom of the page, but for now, let's get to the everyday stuff. I much prefer that!

It's been said that all good friendships are founded on transparency and being yourself, so let's start with being real. I'm not ashamed to admit that I like to have fun. I love a good clean prank and laughing until my ribs hurt. I love walks along the beach, deep conversations, visioning, and creating to bring ideas to life...especially when it blesses someone! I have three great, adorable, grown up kids, and an amazingly supportive husband (who I'm pretty sure I drive completely up the wall!)


I have a great life.​ Great, but not perfect.


Most of us naturally get ourselves into some kind of trouble without trying too hard, and that's not even taking into account all the curve balls of life that come hurling into our lives out of left field! Let's face it, life can have some tough blows and get pretty messy.


Like most people, I've also experienced my own struggles, some that seemed to slap me in the face out of nowhere, stuff like abandonment, abuse, addiction, the loss of a baby, low self-worth, depression, toxic relationships and anxiety disorder. And of course, some other things that I brought upon myself.

Maybe you've been in some of these places too? And maybe like me, you've caught yourself wondering if and how you would ever survive this life, and if you would ever experience joy, love and hope again?

Sure, healing is not always easy, but it's so worth it! To have the life I have, I had to come to a place where I chose to be Brave Enough. Brave enough to learn how to love and be loved, to face my fears, and to take responsibility for my behaviour and to dream big, without giving up. 

I've had to be brave enough to trust in God and who He is, to realise that I am not defined by the opinions and perceptions of other people. My sense of identity, and of complete love and peace is found only in Jesus.

If there's one thing I've learned, it's that God is...well, God.  He can turn any mess into a masterpiece. He turns the fearful into the fearless, the hopeless into the hopeful and the broken into the beautiful! ...after all, He did it for me, ...and I know He wants to do the same for you!  You are the apple of God's eye! He loves you despite your past and your imperfections...and He has an awesome plan your life!

Speaking around the world in ministry, I hear the same stories, over and over. Stories of deep hurt and pain, intense despair and loneliness. Stories of people stuck and feeling trapped and hopeless, but I also hear stories of hope. Stories of healing and restoration, freedom from bitterness, brokenness and addiction, of grace, mercy, redemption and love from those who found their hope in Jesus.

You see, true healing doesn't stop! Unlike a bad case of covid or the flu, it should be contagious! Our lives should be a legacy to eachother, because of what God has done for us.


I love to encourage you, so somehow, maybe even by the providence of God, you've found yourself here...and I have to ask you:

What is it that you're facing in your life right now?...and will you choose to be ...Brave Enough?

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The Formal Stuff

Danni is the Founder and CEO of Australian Charity Brave Enough and host of Brave Conversations Podcast, with her good friend Tom Mann, produced by AccessMore, USA. (EMF) (KLOVE). She is also the host of Brave to Go Devotionals, which airs on radio stations nationally across Australia and on Good TV. 

It's her God-given passion to share openly through her messages on life issues, encouraging us to be brave enough to heal and find hope and freedom in the love of Jesus. Danni also has a huge passion for good mischief, being real and doing life together.

Danni is a dynamic preacher, television, radio & podcast presenter and has featured on various networks around the globe. She is also a Christian speaker, and the author of the book and video study series "Every Heart’s Cry"and a qualified counsellor.

Danni has had diverse experiences in ministry and presenting, in 14 countries around the globe.

Her television ministry adventures have included The multi-award-winning Beyond the Search documentary series, The Epic series, Record Infocus, Recovery Road and Brave to Go. Danni has also worked in radio for several years on 96three FM on 'Daytime with Danni', 'The Morning Buzz with Jay & Danni' and then her own national radio show 'Big Brave Life'.


Danni is currently the host of Brave Conversations Podcast with her cohost Tom Mann) produced by AccessMore USA. (EMF)


In her previous endeavours, Danni has worked as an outreach pastor, assistant pastor, counsellor, chaplain, and community centre manager, among other things.

Calling Australia home, Danni lives with her husband Mark, their children, Hannah, Adam and Logan ...and their cuddly fur-babies Princess & Benji


To relax Danni enjoys sitting by the beach, and just for fun, she enjoys designing and creating purposeful gifts like mugs, t-shirts and faith-inspired jewellery. She loves spending time laughing out loud with her family and friends and sipping a good almond chai latte.


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